Saturday, November 15, 2014

Five Small Ways to Tell Your Man "I Love You"

Life gets busy, right? I mean, take this week for me. I was in DC the first part of the week. Then, my husband and I took off to go to Moab, UT, to visit a few of the national parks down in Southern Utah. (Side note: I am way more productive with scheduling blog posts when I'm super busy and going out of town, so maybe I should go away more often?!) We, as women, love to receive little reminders from our men that show we are loved. At least I do. Even a random, "I hope you know how much I love you," can go a long way. But, sometimes we forget that it's nice for the guys to hear, too. So, here are five ways to say "I Love You" besides actually saying it (but adding that would be nice, too--you can never say it enough!!

So, obviously, I didn't take a ton of time into cooking a meal. My husband rarely stays in bed once he hears
someone else is up. A quick breakfast in bed was still a sign of how much I love and appreciate him!
1. Wake up before him and prepare breakfast for him. For an extra bonus, bring it to him in bed, complete with flowers or some decor on the tray! Yes, I realize that men don't really care about that part, but we think it adds a little something, so do it anyway. ;)

2. Pick up his favorite beverage on the way home from work. Alcoholic or non-alcoholic, it doesn't matter. Surprising him with it may be just the thing he needs to make his day better. :)

3. One of your favorite shows is on, but he wants to watch the game? Hand over the remote, and stay there and watch with him. There's always TIVO or watching your show the next day on Hulu.

4. Make sure he doesn't have something scheduled for a particular night, and then surprise him with a fun date night doing something he'd love to do. Take him to a concert, a movie he's been dying to see, a restaurant he's wanting to eat at. My husband loves going to new breweries and checking out the craft beers.

5. Make a meal that he loves! If you get home before he does (or you can for a day), have it ready to go when he walks in the door. That delicious smell will be enough to make him instantly happy.

What are some other ways you'd suggest to say "I Love You" to your man? I'd love to hear them in the comments! :)

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