My husband and I love to travel. Neither of us have traveled outside of the United States, however, except for Canada. We love American history, the outdoors, and landmarks. He grew up traveling to many different National Parks with his family, and because of this, he hooked me on the idea of traveling to them together. In 2012, when we first started dating, we began traveling to National Parks together and decided later to buy a "passport book" in which you collect passport stamps to each of the National Historic Sites (National Parks, Landmarks, Monuments, etc.). We decided it would be a new goal for life together. Of course, we hope to travel outside of the US some, too, and there are even some National Historic Sites in Guam, Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico, so we're planning on hitting those, too! I'll keep this page updated with the parks that we have gone to together and cross them off the list as we travel to a new one! Just click on a state (currently working on this!) to see the National Sites in that state, and as we cross them off, each of the ones we have completed will lead you to a link with a post and pictures! When we're finished with all the sites in a state, that state will be crossed off the list. :) We are so fortunate to live in this beautiful country and hope to visit all 400+ of them!

Statse we've visited together! We've visited many more on our own. :)

So far, 27 and counting completed!
*Note: The completed parks do not include trails or duplicate parks existing in more than one state, even if they are listed below the following links. They also only include parks we have done together, though we have completed some separately (but will try to go back!). The information from in these links comes from and includes more sites than are counted towards the 401 number!

Puerto Rico
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota
U.S. Virgin Islands
Washington, D.C.
West Virginia

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Much Love!