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Hi, friends!! Sorry for my blogging absence, but I'm back and have a great few posts ahead! :)

So, if you're following me on Instagram, you know that I just got back yesterday from a weekend away with my best friend in Las Vegas! We are all about seeing each other as much as possible (and trying new things/seeing new places), so we decided that it would be fun to meet up in Vegas for a weekend. Fun doesn't even begin to describe it. Let me tell ya, we are not hard-core partiers. We were even back home in the hotel room by 10:30 the last night to have a good 'ole movie night for old times sake. But just because we don't party as hard as some, doesn't mean we didn't have an amazing time. We did! So much to share!

Friday night, I picked her up at the airport (I'm only 5 1/2 hours away here in Utah, so I drove), and we headed to our hotel for our first night! First, we ate some amazing Asian food, and then we decided to try out the Margarita Bar next to our hotel! Amazing. :) Kyrie decided she needed to gamble her first night (we didn't do much of it this weekend, but we can at least say we gambled!).

Hello, Las Vegas! Sorry for the quality of the pictures. They were all taken with my cell phone, since I didn't want to lug a nice camera around!
I have missed her so much!

The next day, we slept in a little bit, and then we started seeing the sights! We decided to walk "the strip" on Saturday and do some outlet shopping and explore more of downtown Sunday. So many things to see!

Coca-Cola store!

We tried cokes from all around the world! Some were really good. Others, not so much!

Photo op with the Coca-Cola bear!

Four stories of the M&M store... fun and delicious!
We also explored Henderson, NV, because we had heard there was a distillery and winery there and wanted to check them out! Unfortunately, the distillery was closed, and when we walked in the "winery," we felt immediately out of place because there was a group of people all sitting around talking, but it seemed like something wasn't right. Turns out, it was a wine school, but this incredibly nice lady gave us some free wine and drew us a map with some suggestions for things to do! Starting with this cool brewery down the street. They had just opened, and they had some great craft beer! Highly suggest "Bad Beat Brewing" in Henderson, NV, if you are ever there!

The lady from the wine school told us we had to go downtown, so we decided to grab dinner and head out there! Great live music and a fun atmosphere!

You can zipline through the canopy part of Fremont Street (see the lines strung throughout)! We wanted to do that, but it was already filled up for the weekend, so it's a must for next time!

Neither of us are big shoppers, but there are so many great stores in LV that we decided to check them out. Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, and Steve Madden were on our list. We hit them all up and found some great buys!

Outlet shopping!
We also went back downtown to see more of it in the daylight! Glad we did!

Didn't eat here but recognized it from "Man Vs. Food." Home of the biggest burger!

Our last night, we decided to get dressed up and go to dinner, see the Bellagio Fountains (beautiful!), and then we hit up the Cheesecake Factory at Caesar's Palace for dessert! That place is huge, and we ended up getting lost, but the cheesecake was worth it. :)

The Bellagio Fountains!
Kyrie didn't have to be at the airport until noon, so we checked off our last item on the list! Seeing the shark tank (that has a waterslide through it!) at the Golden Nugget Casino & Hotel. Such a cool thing to do, and we'll definitely be doing it next time!

Thankfully, I left when I did to head back home because I just barely missed the interstate being closed due to flooding! If you were affected by the horrible storm, prayers go out to you!

It was a great weekend! I already miss her, and we are planning our next big adventure! There's still more to see in Las Vegas, but we might have to try another place, too. We'll see, but there will definitely be more girls' weekends (or couples' trips!) in the future!

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  1. I'm glad you didn't get stuck because of flooding!! And definitely best weekend ever! Must go back!


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