Thursday, September 18, 2014

If You Knew Me, You'd Know...

One of my favorite types of posts to check out on other people's blogs is the "get to know me better" posts. I saw one in particular the other day named the same as my title: "If You Knew Me, You'd Know...," and it had a lot of interesting and fun facts! It inspired me to do a post of my own like that for my readers, so...

On my wedding day. :) Photo by Brooke Hamilton.
If You Knew Me, You'd Know...

1. There is nothing in the world I love more than my family, and I love spending time with my "little" family: my husband, me, Honey, and Mickey.

2. I truly value my sleep. I'm cranky without it, and it used to take my mom forever to pry me out of bed in the morning. I sleep like a rock.

3. I want nothing more than to become a mom to a child one day, and adopting is definitely not out of the question to do so.

4. My favorite sport is softball, and I even became certified as an umpire to continue being in the field when I couldn't play anymore. Umpired for three seasons and loved it.

5. I love to make homemade ice cream ever since we received a Kitchen Aid and Ice Cream Attachment for our wedding. I just mastered raspberry ice cream. :) Recipe coming soon!

6. I'm a huge nerd. Give me a journal article or book to read about biochemistry, genetics, or microbiology, and I will be lost in it for a long time. Unless I have to read it for class or something. Then it's a different story.

7. Being instrumental and having my research one day go from "bench to bedside" is my ultimate career goal, meaning from the lab to actually affecting and helping patients.

8.  I also hope to teach at the college level full time someday.

9. Moving from MO to UT with my husband was both the scariest and best decision of my life. It's amazing how much our marriage and relationship has grown just the two of us figuring out this new city together.

10.   My favorite place in the world is sitting in my parents' backyard reading a book, surrounded by family. I took the time I could have been spending out there for granted, and I miss it.

Family pictures, 2012 - Photo by Mallory Prewett
11. I'm one of those "have to take pictures of everything" girls. Love having photos with my friends and family and keeping memories of everyday life. I look back on past photos all the time and treasure them.

12. It drives me crazy for things not to be organized, whether it's the house, plans, etc. It didn't always used to be this way, but now I'm a Type-A, organized, crazy person.

13. I would do anything for the people I love.

14. Steak and potatoes is my absolute favorite meal. It's because of my dad, and if you tried his steak and my mom's mashed potatoes, you'd be a fan, too. :)

15. And pumpkin crunch is my favorite dessert of all time. With cheesecake being a close second. Both specialities of my mom. :)

16. This upcoming holiday season excites me so much but also saddens me since it will be the first Thanksgiving and Christmas I can't be with my family. But, I'm excited for new traditions with my new family. :)

17. Fall is my absolute favorite season, and it always has been. It's mostly because I love to watch the leaves change colors and jump in leaf piles like a little kid. But pumpkin-flavored everything is nice, too.

18. I was always the girl that wore t-shirts and shorts unless I had to dress up until my mid-20's. Now I feel as if I should get dressed up every day and love it (and have to for work obviously). But as soon as I'm home, I'm back in a t-shirt and shorts or pajama pants.

19. I knew the day I met my husband that we were meant to be together forever. If you don't believe me, ask my mom.

20. I want to travel outside of the United States, but the places I am most excited to travel to are the National Parks. I love having it be the thing that my husband and I do and love together.

21. I can't stand the taste of cottage cheese or refried beans, but it could be due to the texture issues that I have.

22. I didn't truly appreciate country music until moving away to Kansas City from my hometown, which is filled with people loving country music. Whereas KC is not filled with people loving country music near as much. Ironic. And now it's my favorite. :)

23. I'm terrified at the idea of publishing a book with my life's story in it. I'm also absolutely thrilled at the idea. There are a lot of things that I could go back and forth on; guess I analyze things too much.

24. Speaking of, I over-think everything.

25. When I am truly down, the only person in the universe that can make me smile is my husband.

26. I always wanted to be a doctor growing up and through college. Due to medical issues, it wasn't in the cards for me, but I'm incredibly happy doingside research along doctors. And hopefully one day, I'll be Dr. P. :)

27. I've had a lot of medical issues, but they've made me who I am. If I could go back and change them, I probably wouldn't. It taught me about myself.

28. When I'm stressed, I clean. Or run. Both help me clear my head.

29. I'm incredibly outgoing when I'm around people, but I'm happiest when I'm home with my family, watching a movie and hanging out. I can be incredibly introverted, but most people wouldn't guess that about me.

30. Writing has become a passion of mine, and I hope to be able to make a career out of it, as well as science.

Uinta Mountains - Photo by my husband!

Hope you weren't too bored with these facts! I challenge you to make your own, so I can learn more about you, too!

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