Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A BIG Announcement!!!

No, my husband and I are not pregnant! I can't wait for the opportunity to announce that one day, though!

The announcement is concerning the two posts that I have written for this blog about my initial injury and my road to finding pain relief. As some of you know, I started writing a book two years ago when a former professor/now editor that I met through my time as an adviser for a service fraternity convinced me it was a good idea. After not knowing the progress for long periods of time and endlessly correcting, editing, writing, re-writing, I was informed last week that it has been SUBMITTED to our prospective publishing company!!!!!!! Now, all we have to do is wait!! I will keep you informed about the progress, but I am absolutely thrilled that I truly may become a published novel author!!! Dreams do come true, you know! :)

I still have decisions to make concerning the cover and small things like that if it does get accepted for publishing, but the title of my book is "Not An Option."

Thank you all for your amazing support, and hopefully one day I will be sharing where to buy it! :)

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  1. Congratulations! A real dream come true <3

  2. Great News! With a great name of your book "Not An Option" may be hard to design a cover, How about just putting one of your great photo on the cover. For example your "Meet Gennie" photo, with out anyone in the photo and more of the trail you were hiking on. The trail would represent from the time of your accident to present day and looking on out over the valley would be looking to the future! Just an idea.

  3. I love that idea!! Thank you so much! :)


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Much Love!