Monday, January 12, 2015

An Anniversary Series: Just the Two of Us

In less than a week, Randy and I will have been married for an entire year. That seems absolutely insane to me because I can vividly remember scurrying around getting everything ready this time last year, and it seems like it was yesterday!

Our wedding was January 18th of last year. It was a cold winter day, and I had never thought of having a winter wedding before it just happened to work out the best for both of us. But, with the help of my mom, sister, Randy, and so many others, it was an absolutely gorgeous wedding with a winter and snow theme. It was quite cold, so I give all of our wedding party major props for standing so long in the cold (plus a huge thank you to Kelsey, David's wife for standing out there with us and being my go-to girl if I needed anything!). You wouldn't be able to tell (except maybe in a couple pics, ;) ) that it was cold, though, because everyone did so awesome, and I think we all had a great time! I know I did. It was the perfect day, and I honestly don't know what could top it until we have children. I could never have imagined anything more beautiful, and I am still so appreciative of everyone for all of their help and support.

Since I started the blog last July, I didn't ever have a chance to recap some of my favorite moments from our wedding, so I'm spending most of this week before our anniversary doing just that! If you haven't read our engagement story, that is posted here! And I'll talk more about how we came to be "us" soon. But for now, enjoy some of my favorite shots of our day featuring just the two of us!

Yes, we were lucky enough to use an actual plane as our backdrop. Thanks to my amazing dad and West Plains Municipal Airport for the plane and airport! You guys are the best, and it truly made our wedding photos one of a kind and more than we could have dreamed of!

All photos courtesy of Grindstone Studio. Thank you again, Brooke!

Stay tuned on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and next Monday for a recap of the ceremony, reception, details, and some of our favorite shots of our wedding party and families! :)

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