Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Project Date Night: January

Guys, I am so excited to share this new link-up with you! Elizabeth Loves, along with Life with Mrs. G and the Artist, have created this incredible link up opportunity for all those that are married. During the year 2015, bloggers will have a chance to intentionally think about a fun date night for each month with their husband and write about it, sharing their ideas with others. I'm so excited about this!!

My January Date Night is one we haven't actually done quite yet. We're a little behind, I know, but we have had some great dates. This is just one I'm excited about that we've done before, and we will be making it happen again soon, before the month is over!

My husband and I can seem to make any activity fun when we're together. We do a ton together, from road trips (even short ones around the area) to window shopping to sporting events to outdoorsy things. This month's date night is centered around sporting events.

When we first started dating, I knew nothing about hockey. I had some friends that were huge fans of the professional hockey team near us, but as far as the rules and actually knowing anything about the actual sport, I was clueless. That all changed when Randy came around. We immediately started going to hockey games, and we still try to make it a fun night for the both of us. :)

Our staple hockey date night is grabbing something quick from home to eat and then going to a university hockey game, where you can get upper bowl tickets for cheap! Back in Missouri, they were like $8 each, and here, just over $10. I would prepare something sweet during the day, and we'd come back to a delicious dessert and just sit and talk about the game and anything else that comes to mind. 

It's such a great time, and being inexpensive helps, too! It's hard to go on many date nights when you are trying to save money, so being intentional in planning out the dates and minimizing the amount of cost is something I have really been working on!

What are you planning for your January date night with your spouse? Link up your posts below!

Project Date Your Husband
Project Date Your Husband is a monthly linkup aimed at getting us out there and intentionally dating our spouses. We'd love for you to join us in making date night a marriage priority!! 

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