Monday, January 19, 2015

One Year!

So, as you may have assumed, my whole "week of wedding posts" to celebrate our first anniversary didn't exactly get published in the week before our anniversary. Blame it on the dump truck that knocked out a power line in our city, leaving us without power for a few hours. Specifically, the few hours I was planning on finishing all of the posts and scheduling them. Life's been busy. If things don't happen when I plan for them to, they usually don't happen. So, the wedding week posts (3 left!) will continue this week along with some other fun posts. Sorry about that!

Yesterday was our first wedding anniversary, and it was incredible. My husband is from Washington, so he's a big Seahawks fan. Well, as you can probably imagine if you watched the game, he wasn't thrilled with how they were playing... but it ended up being a fun game to watch at the end when they actually showed up to play. So, now we have to have a fun game-watch party for the Superbowl! It may just be us, but hey, that's fun, too, right? We also took a long walk with our dog, and then last night, he treated me to a fancy dinner at Fleming's Steakhouse and Wine Bar, complete with wine, prime rib, dessert, and some yummy sides. It was perfect, and the staff were all so kind and amazing! They even sent us home with a card, some truffles, and a gift card as an Anniversary present. How cool is that? I definitely recommend Fleming's to anyone who wants a nice dinner out! You won't be disappointed!

To my husband: Thanks for the best year of my life yet. It's been a crazy, amazing ride, and I couldn't imagine anything better. I can't wait for the future with you, and every day with you by my side is the best day. Thank you for your support and love always. I don't know what I'd do without you! Here's to many, many more years together! :)

Thanks for understanding when life gets busy, friends. I wish you a great week!
On Wednesday, you'll see pics of the crazy, fanatic football fans we are. Randy and I sported our football jerseys over our wedding day attire (yes, even over my dress). ;)

What did you think of yesterday's Packers vs. Seahawks game, if you watched it? Who are you rooting for in the Superbowl?

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Much Love!