Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Currently: January 2015 Edition

It's been a while since I've done an update post. I didn't really post much about Christmas or New Years, so when Jenna and Anne reminded me of the Currently link-up, I was definitely on board!

We had a fabulous Christmas in Washington with Randy's (and mine now, of course!) family. We got to celebrate our nephew's 1st Christmas with him, and that was such a blessing! It was also a blessing that we arrived safely. Our route was a dangerous one that evening (Christmas Eve) due to all the snow and ice, but thankfully my husband is a terrific driver in horrible conditions and got us there safe and sound.

When we arrived back, though, we were greeted with the Utah winter we had heard about! So much snow everywhere. Honey is LOVING it, and we are enjoying playing with her. The other day we went up in the mountains, intending to go snow-shoeing, but with the snow so packed down, we decided just to hike. After hiking the trail for a little while, we found a spot to sled (just me, daredevil through some trees haha), and I had fun making snow angels while Honey and Randy threw snow balls. It was a fun, crazy day, and I love that we are always having those great moments to share.

New Years was very low key, thankfully! We had some friends over to play games with (a fun post about games you should check out coming soon!), made great appetizers (my husband made these amazing buffalo chicken wings!), and had some drinks. We watched the ball drop twice (for East Coast and then watched it again for us), and even though we could barely make it until then, we rang in the new year next to our loves and friends. Couldn't ask for more!

We spent New Year's Day with more friends watching bowl games... go Mizzou! It was filled with more great food and great friends.

Other than that, we're just getting back into a routine. I'm really trying to exercise more, eat better, cook better, and make sure to prioritize as I start my school program on Monday and am still working. Fingers crossed it will be a good semester!

Now for the Currently Props!

Planning: Every bit of my life. From school schedule to work schedule to errands to chores to meal plans! Probably even more. :)

Hoping: Hoping for a good start to the year. I'm nervous that I'm not going to be able to handle everything coming up and still spend as much time with my husband and family as possible, so prayers would be appreciated!

Baking: Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake! Recipe coming soon! So delicious. :)

Wearing: Lots of layers! It's been freezing. Did you see my outfit posts (This Was a Gift & My Style Icon)?

Resolving: To be content with my life. To not worry about the future so much because I am constantly worrying about the little things and "waiting for the ball to drop." I'm so blessed, and I need to enjoy life!

Linking up with Jenna and Anne for this edition of Currently!

What are you planning, hoping, baking, wearing, and resolving? I'd love to hear your comments! 

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