Friday, November 28, 2014

Christmas Gifts for Days at Jane!

In honor of Black Friday today, I thought I would share a little about the company I love the most for giving and receiving gifts... Jane! Have you ever heard of Jane? Well, if you haven't, let me tell you about it and all of its awesomeness!
Jane is an online deal site that offers up to a hundred "daily boutique deals" every day at lowered prices. They sell items from various boutiques that they work with at prices slashed 40% or lower! All of the items they offer are the newest, trendiest, most-wanted there are, so they go fast! They release new deals at midnight every night, and they go on sale for 72 hours or until they run out of the stock they have on hand. And if it runs out quickly, they try to restock it as soon as possible, so don't lose hope! They sell everything from the cutest wardrobe items to home decor to accessories to beauty supplies. I can seriously find something for almost everyone on my list, including the young ones because there are items on there for kids, too! The guys are a little tougher to find products for as most men don't seem to like fashion or home decor, as much, but I'm sure you could find things they would like, too.

In honor of Black Friday, they are cutting prices even more, so go check them out today! Here are a few of my favorite finds recently! When I say a few, I mean a ton. Because like when I'm shopping at this online store, I can hardly pick!

I have one of these and love it!

Aren't these adorable? They would be so cute on a baby!

How adorable are these?!

Love this one!!

Wouldn't this be perfect for a Christmas party?

This would be so perfect for an accessory to the white lace top above!

Perfect for this cold weather!

So many options that would go with any existing home decor!

These are sooo cute!

I LOVE the Vikings print!

Told you there would be something for boys! :)

I would love to have this in my home someday! Isn't it cute?

My absolute favorite! If it's not there when you check, stick around,
 and it'll probably come back around soon!

Find something you liked? I mean, how could you not? Click on the link below to shop these deals and others!!

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