Wednesday, December 3, 2014

My Attempt at an Outfit Post!

I've never really been one that was that interested in fashion until I started working a full-time job. Until then, it was mostly sweatpants for studying and hanging around, and I had to wear a certain color every day for my job. But when I had the opportunity to start wearing what I wanted, I fell in love with experimenting with different styles.

This blog has never been about my style or fashion, but it is something that I love at this point in my life (much to my husband's demise--there are so many cute clothes to buy!). A friend suggested to me that I should incorporate some outfit posts; I always like seeing those on others' pages, so I thought I'd take her suggestion. For starters, here's some of my favorite outfits lately:

Jeans: Target / Shoes: Zappos / Top: Target / Earrings: Target / Belt: Target / Watch: Macy's

Jeans: Old Navy / Shoes: Old/Unknown / Sweater: Target / Cami: Forever 21 / Jacket: Target / Necklace: Wal-Mart / Earrings: Target / Watch: Macy's 

Jeans: Forever 21 / Blouse: Kohls / Cardigan: Target / Necklace: Smith's / Shoes: Old, Unknown

Dress: Target / Shoes: Zappos / Earrings: Target / Watch: Macy's

Blouse: Wal-Mart (old) / Skirt: Forever 21 / Boots: 15DollarStore / Belt: Kohls / Necklace: Smith's / Earrings: Old/Unsure / Watch: Macy's

Jacket (above): Target / Dress: Target / Shoes: Old/Unsure / Scarf: Plato's Closet / Earrings: Target / Purse: Amazon

Jeans: Charlotte Russe / T-Shirt: Old/Unsure / Boots: Charlotte Russe / Top: Charlotte Russe / Necklace: JC Penney's / Earrings: Target / Belt: Kohls

Note: Most of these photos were taken a month or two ago, which should explain why I'm not in a million layers quite yet. I've just had so many other posts for the blog that I haven't wanted to dive into outfit posts until I was sure I would be committed to doing them!

I'm hoping to start doing more photo shoots of individual outfits (with better backgrounds and photos, I promise) and showcase those on the blog. There are several in the last few weeks that I've put together based on inspiration from Pinterest (the best thing ever), so let me know if you'd like to see those! Hate to break it to you, but I will never get better at modeling, so I will always look like that awkward girl in my photos. But at least the clothes are cute, right? ;)

Also, linking up with Jenna and Anne today for December's Edition of "Currently!"

Making: A Christmas Card wreath and advent calendar to showcase on the blog in the next couple of days! Also, planning on having a baking day extravaganza with the husband tomorrow or Friday on his day off!

Listening: Christmas carols like crazy! Love this time of year!

Wrapping: Nothing yet, but all of our presents have mostly been bought, so I will be soon! We're shipping lots of them to family's houses since we're far away, but I still have some of my own to wrap and take to family and friends!

Watching: House of Cards with my husband when we're done with dinner each night, and we've also watched Vegas Vacation a time or to in the last few days!

Anticipating: Talking to my family! It's been way too long since I've gotten the chance to talk to all of them, and I miss them like crazy!

What are you making, listening, wrapping, watching, anticipating?

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