Sunday, December 14, 2014

Pet Gift Guide {Dogs & Cats}

This Christmas, we can't forget about our pets that constantly support and love us, now can we? They're always there for us. They know when we're upset and come to sit by our side. So, they deserve a little something, too. If you have no idea what to get your pet for Christmas, here are a few ideas! Some they may like better than others... ;)

For the Dogs:

1. FURminator - My dog doesn't especially enjoy this, but it helps so much with all of the hair she is constantly shedding! It's a great tool and gets underneath the top coat!

2. Bake A Bone Tool - Great idea for those pups that love their treats (who doesn't?)! This way you can know exactly what goes into their biscuit and still make it look like their usual treat!

3. IQ Treat Ball - They have to work to get their treat, but it keeps them occupied and rewards them for using their brain. ;)

4. Cute Pet Collar - I absolutely love this one and want to get it for my dog! I think it's adorable.

5. Antler Bone - My dog chews through everything. A rawhide bone (which we don't give her much anymore) is gone in minutes. But the antler is something that she absolutely loves to chew on all the time, and it takes her a lot longer to chew it down. She still manages to, but if you're looking for a durable bone, I definitely suggest purchasing an antler! They'll love it!

For the Cats:

6. Cat String - Has a handle you can hold or tape up somewhere to let them play! This would keep my cat from trying to play with my belts all day long. I come home to find them all on the floor.

7. Pet Scratch Base - Perfect for the cat that's always scratching on something (bed posts, anyone?)! Recommended as the best choice for scratch tools instead of something like a post that always falls over.

8. Maze Food Catcher - Sort of like the IQ Treat Ball except for their food! But if they don't seem to want to try for food as much, you could always try treats! Makes them work for the treats and keeps them playing instead of sleeping all day.

9. Comfy Pet Bed - My cat doesn't have his own bed, and he's always stealing Honey's. This would be perfect for him--a size that Honey won't try to fit in and his own personal nap station. I just hope if we get this that he continues to cuddle up with us at night! It's so cute. :)

10. Automatic Laser Tool - This is the best gift for a cat. My husband surprised me and my cat with this last Christmas in our stockings (he always finds small gifts for stockings, and I surprise him with something on St. Nick's Day--it's our little tradition!). We turn it on (you adjust the height of the mirror), and it automatically moves around a specific area of around 5 feet, keeping the cat jumping at a spot all over. It runs for 15 minutes. It honestly is the best laser pointer you could find, and seriously, we consider it to be the best toy for our cat!

Hope these suggestions help when finding gifts for your pet! I absolutely love giving them gifts because they immediately start playing with the toys and get so excited. It's like Christmas with children, which I can't wait for one day either! :)

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