Wednesday, December 17, 2014

12 Great Gag Gift Ideas

Have a holiday party coming up with a white elephant gift exchange? Those are my favorite types of parties at the end of the year. I just always have the toughest time trying to figure out what to bring to them! If you're like me, than you're going to love today's post. I'm listing 12 Great Gag Gift Ideas for you to use for your holiday party, either this year or next! :)

1. Shark Bottle Opener - My sister-in-law sent my husband this one for Christmas a couple years ago, and we love it! Anytime we use it when friends come over, they always notice it and think it's cool. :)

2. Pig Wine Stopper - Cutest wine stopper ever! I have this one and use it all the time.

3. Squinty Eyes USB Humidifier - This actually plugs into your computer, and you can use it at your desk while working if you have a cold! Easily transportable.

4. Splash Chopping Board - I found this the other day online and thought it was neat. Something different that's actually useful!

5. Measurement of Day Wine Glass - My mom and sister got me this wine glass as a random gift this year, and it makes my day. :) My husband can tell what type of a day I have by what line on the glass I pour it to!

6. Spin the Wheel Decision Maker - Have a tough decision or just can't make up your mind? Spin the wheel! It'll make your mind up for you. :)

7, Muffin Top Muffin Cups - Aren't these hilarious? Bake your muffins in muffin tops!

8. Desktop Skeeball Set - I, for one, wouldn't mind having this on my desk at work. Take a break, play some skeeball!

9. Lab Cocktail Set - Well, being a scientist, I absolutely love this! Shot set that resembles beakers and test tubes!

10. Mustache Drink Ring - Add a little personality when you're drinking out of a bottle!

11. Instant Excuse Ball - Don't want to do something but can't think of a good excuse? This will help!

12. "As Seen on Facebook" tee - Thought this was perfect! As long as you have a facebook account, this is a great shirt for you. Walk around town, and everybody will be sure to get a kick out of it!

Hope these ideas help when getting ready for that White Elephant Party coming up, or you can take a look back at them next year!

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Happy Hump Day, friends!

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