Monday, December 8, 2014

10 Holiday Date Ideas!

1. Make hot chocolate for two, and pour into to-go cups to sip while driving around to look at all of the lights.

2. Go ice skating (preferably outdoors)!

3. Make Christmas ornaments together or do a craft. You could build a gingerbread house or decorate gingerbread cookies, too. I made Randy help me with my Christmas card wreath and Advent calendar that I'll be showing on the blog!

4. When it snows, go out and have a snowball fight. If it doesn't snow where you are, pick up some fake snow, and pretend! :) There's nothing better than acting like a kid at Christmas time. :)

5. Make each other a Christmas playlist of your favorite holiday songs for the other to listen to while driving to work and then play at home together while playing games, etc.

6. Have a baking day and bake some of each of your favorite Christmas treats. More on ours later! :)

7. Take a carriage or sleigh ride together. I always wanted Randy and I to do this when we visited Kansas City over the holidays around the Plaza. So romantic!

8. Volunteer somewhere or help someone in need. Soup kitchen, after-school center, Salvation Army, the list is endless! Before we moved away from Missouri, my husband and I were in the process of becoming a "Big Sister" and "Big Brother." When we found out we were moving, we stopped because we didn't want to commit to someone and have to leave, but we are looking for more opportunities here. It's one of my favorite things to do with him.

9. Cuddle up under the blankets with a warm beverage (possibly an adult version?) and have a movie marathon of Christmas movies! Elf, The Christmas Story, Vegas Vacation, A Christmas Vacation, Love Actually. There's so many great ones!

10. Go to church together and discuss the true meaning of Christmas. Sitting beside Randy at our church and watching him interact during the service makes me fall deeper in love with him. This will be the first year we are able to attend Christmas services together (he usually has to work and only gets to spend a small part of Christmas with me), and I'm so excited!

What are your date ideas for the Christmas season?

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