Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Fall Photos in the Mountains

I am a huge lover of photos, you guys. Like I always want a group photo of my friends and I when we're out doing something. And the millions of photos of my husband and I? Yeah, I begged him for others, and he said we have enough. That's the person I am. Growing up, my mom and dad didn't take many pictures, so when I first got my camera, I went into hyper-drive snapping pics of everything. Now, I mostly take pictures of people, but I can go a little overboard...

I really want to send out Christmas cards this winter since it is the first Christmas that Randy and I are married, and I wanted some photos for that. My husband being the amazing man that he is (and tolerating my requests) took us up into the mountains with a tripod and remote timer, and voila! We have Christmas card photos! I absolutely adore them!

I so wish I wasn't fixing my sweater in this picture because it's my favorite, hands down! Honey is adorable. :)

So in love with these pictures, the beautiful scenery (it's so close to our place!), and life. Hope you enjoyed seeing them, too!

 photo blog2_zpse65e9159.png


  1. Love the photos! And your sweater, super cute! This is such a great idea for a Christmas card. I've never done the photo cards before, but I'm thinking this year, I just might try it!

    1. Thank you so much! This will be my first year doing it, too, but I've always loved receiving other people's photo cards! Have fun with yours if you decide to do them! :)


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Much Love!