Thursday, August 21, 2014


I have ALWAYS wanted to go to a Broadway play. It is one of my dreams to see all of New York and attend a musical/play on Broadway. I’m not sure it will ever happen, but a girl can dream. I mean, I’ve got plenty of time to check off everything on my list of things to see and do before I die, right? A couple of weeks back, I was having a really hard week at work.  Just completely frustrated all the time, and I wasn’t feeling well to begin with. My husband and I are trying to save money as much as possible right now because we really want to buy a house as soon as he is officially certified at his job (no matter where he goes, he has to re-test/certify), sometime probably next year. And then of course, I’ll want to decorate and DIY it as much as possible. Duh. So failing trying to save. ANYWAY. I saw the ad for Wicked in town, and my best friend had just gone in Arkansas to the show there and raved about it. I just didn’t want to push for tickets because of the cost…. yet my husband knew how important it was to me, so he surprised me by finding us tickets for a night we had off together. Yeah, he’s the best.

We had tickets for last Sunday, and I just wish we could go see it again! It was SO worth the money, too. I couldn’t believe how fast the time went by because I was very engaged in the plot,and I couldn’t wait for the intermission to be over, so I could see Act II. I’d seen the “Wizard of Oz,” but “Wicked” painted the story in a whole new light by telling the story of “Elphaba,” the Wicked Witch of the West. It shows her as a misunderstood girl who forms an unconventional friendship with the “good” and spoiled witch, Glinda. The town sees Elphaba as the “bad” and scary-looking witch, but the story shows that she is more than what meets the eye.

From the talented musicians and vocals (and boy, were the voices of the actors/actresses, especially Elphaba and Glinda, incredible!) to the amazing costumes to the perfect stage, I couldn’t think of a better performance. Everyone that is involved in putting the show on day after day should be incredibly proud. I believe the entire crowd left just reveling in the awesomeness of the show like we did.

If you haven’t seen it and it’s in a town near you, go see this musical! You won’t regret it, I promise, and it’s great for kids, too, as long as they won’t be scared of the flying monkeys! :)

My mother-in-law is coming into town later this afternoon to visit, so I may not have the chance to write for a couple of days in order to spend as much time with her and the family as possible. I’m excited to share pictures of our apartment and some great recipes next week, so please check back! Have a wonderful weekend!


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  1. I'm glad you enjoyed it! And I felt the same way through the entire play. It was amazing


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