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Missouri National Parks

When we found out we were going to be moving to Utah, we were both stoked about the many national parks it has. We made a deal to plan on visiting each of the 400+ National Parks in the US together (as well as Guam, Virgin Islands, etc.). We love to travel, and we're both history and outdoors-lovers, so it's a perfect goal for life for us. We even visited one of these as part of our honeymoon when we decided to stay close because of the move coming up. Though we haven't had the chance to get to many of the ones in Utah, yet, we are planning on heading to as many of them as possible this fall and trying to see many of the surrounding states' parks, also. We wanted to wait until it's cooler because they have quite the hikes to get to them, and we want to bring Honey, too. Before we left Missouri, we finished all of the National Parks in Illinois, Arkansas, and Missouri. Instead of writing about each individual site, I figured I would just post some photos from each of them and a little summary of why they were named a National Park! :)

George Washington Carver National Monument
Honoring George Washington Carver who emerged from his time as a slave in the Reconstruction Era and turned into an amazing African American leader, inventor, and educator. He was an inspiring man!

This is an illustration in the Visitor's Center Museum of Carver's education and educational reform.

Harry S. Truman National Historic Site
Recognizing the 33rd President of the United States and his home in which he lived from 1919 until he died. Known as the "Summer White House" during his administration since it was used as a summer home. Such a beautiful house!

The "Summer White House"

Jefferson National Expansion Memorial 
Made up of the Gateway Arch, Museum of Western Expansion, and Old Courthouse. It is in tribute to Thomas Jefferson whose dream motivated westward expansion. I had never been to the Arch (except as a baby apparently) until I visited it with my husband, and it was a great experience and has beautiful views of the city and river!

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Dred and Harriot Scott who sued for their freedom from slavery in this courthouse.

Inside a courtroom in the Old Courthouse!

Ozark National Scenic Riverways
Comprised of both the Current and Jacks Fork Rivers in the Ozark Highlands. Gorgeous areas of the Ozarks! We visited several of the areas of this National Park together on our honeymoon! Funny enough, I never realized this is where the national park was until that visit even though I grew up only an hour away from one visitor center and then moved to within two hours from another!

Alley Spring! Just one of the many springs of the Ozark National Riverways!

My husband's face reflects how cold it was! I still think the picture is cool, though. We improvised!

They were all so beautiful, but I just loved the gorgeous color of the water at Blue Spring!!

Ulysses S. Grant National Historic Site
Just like it sounds, this site is in honor of Ulysses S. grant, the 18th President and Commanding General of the Union during the Civil War. This site is also called White Haven, which is the home that he shared with his wife. "Grants Farm" is also associated with this site.

A gorgeous day and beautiful house! Not so fond of the color, but the inside was very nice!

Wilson's Creek National Battlefield 
Commemorating the first Major Civil War battle west of the Mississippi River. I lived only ten minutes away from this battle site for a year and never visited it until my husband took me to it!

The house of the Ray family whose property became the setting for a battlefield. The cellar of it is where the children took cover after a Confederate soldier told them to be prepared for the battle. It also became a hospital for injured soldiers from both sides. 

It was such a gorgeous fall day! And the property is beautiful!

I don't know who enjoys visiting these sites more: my husband or me. Some of these trips are spontaneous; some are planned for a while. But, we always enjoy them even if the visitor's center isn't very interesting or populated. Even if it's not well known. They all represent a piece of history of our amazing country, and for two people that enjoy the history of this nation as much as we do, there's no better goal to have then to see them all. :)

On another note, hope you guys have had a great day! I, funny enough, spent the day working from home because I locked my keys in my car stupidly, and my husband had my spare (he offered to come home and unlock it, but the prospect of a day working at home sounded nicer). The last time I did that was at midnight on my 21st birthday in the parking lot of a QT in downtown KC with my best friend. It was one of the best nights of my life. :) And today has turned out great, as well, with my puppy sitting beside me as I work (and I've actually been productive!). 


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P.S. Sorry if my pictures aren't aligned! I've been having trouble with that, and I'm a tad OCD, so it bothers me, but I hope it doesn't bother you! If you have any suggestions on how to fix it, please comment! :)

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