Monday, August 11, 2014

Living for Those Beautiful Weekends....

And who can blame me, or anyone for that matter? We work hard all week, 40+ hours, to finally have some fun on the weekends. My husband and I do other stuff throughout the week, don't get me wrong. We have fun and try to plan date nights and outings. But the weekend is where most of the fun occurs. Plus, at least for me, no work! Right now, my husband's days off vary, which is sort of frustrating, but we are making it work. Mine, on the other hand, are Saturday and Sunday every week, and by those days, I need a break! And that's coming from someone that adores her job. Can't even imagine if I hated it! Soon, though, I will hopefully change my days off when my husband's are actually set, and we'll make those two days our fun days, whatever they might be. Every one needs that time away from work with the ones we love!

This last weekend was perfect. Not too much planned, but we definitely packed in as much as we could as per usual. On Friday night, we met up with a friend of mine who worked at the same lab as I for a while, along with her boyfriend. We met up at her their place and then caught the Trax (train) to downtown and walked the rest of the way to an incredible Turkish food place that serves the best Doner Kebabs! I didn't even know what those were before moving here. We had never eaten there before, and it was incredible! Plus, the company and drinks were pretty amazing, too. :) It was the first time taking public transportation for me in a long time, but it's so different than back in Missouri! I felt much safer, and the train was so much cleaner than the bus back in MO. I had only been on the bus in KC once, but it was a scary experience, even though I was travelling with the rest of my class for a project downtown. People just didn't consider it a good option there, but many of the people I work with here in Utah use public transportation as much as possible. So nice to have that option, and with the air quality as poor as it is among the mountains, I am going to make an effort to use it if I have the chance. One way to cut back on the pollution!

Saturday morning, we woke up by six, so that we could be ready to leave the house by seven and drive to Provo where we had sailing lessons planned! It was something fun we had decided to try a while ago, and it turned out that I was able to get the tickets for almost nothing! It was amazing. Very low key, and possibly a tiny bit scary when the boat tipped so far over in the wind, but we were assured it wouldn't tip all the way over... still didn't keep my heart from pounding, though! Such an incredible, *mostly* relaxing way to enjoy the beautiful world we live in. And that's exactly the way our instructor saw this amazing world! He told us so many stories about the countless countries he had visited and sailed around. He went to school in Scotland, lived in Hawaii for a number of years, had been to the Middle East, sailed around the Virgin Islands, and now he made his home with his wife here in Utah, where they run this sailing school. I loved hearing his stories, and he was a great teacher. Maybe one day, we will see some of the world through sailing, too. :)

See how I could feel like we were going to tip over? Scared me just a bit...

When we made it back home, we wanted to take Honey swimming, since she had been cooped up at home all week. We ended up taking a quick nap first (thank goodness! this girl values her sleep!), and then we drove up the mountains near our home until we reached this beautiful, desolate lake. Honey swam and caught the Frisbee for a while, and I picked wildflowers. The scenery was incredible. We live in a gorgeous world, and I feel so blessed to be able to have these views every day.

Sunday consisted mostly of cleaning while the husband worked, but it's nice to be back at work today knowing the house is all picked up and laundry done! Can't complain about that. :) I made some delicious waffles for a late brunch before he left, and they were healthy! It's always a win when something I make is healthy, and my husband enjoys it, I'll post that recipe tomorrow!

Happy Monday, friends!

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