Friday, August 29, 2014

ALS Challenge

Happy Friday, everyone!! In honor of raising awareness for various causes, I thought I would post my video for the ALS ice bucket challenge. First of all, though, I had some issues with the overall challenge. In some places in this country, we are in a drought, so it didn't always make sense to me why this was the challenge at hand. Since starting the challenge across the facebook world, however, billions of people have learned what ALS is: a horrible disease that deserves awareness and needs as many people donating to support continuous research. It is also called Lou Gehrigs disease due to the famous baseball player being striken with it at the highlight of his career and dying from it at a young age. ALS stands for Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, and it is a neurodegenerative disorder that attacks the brain and spinal cord. The motor neurons degenerate, and they are no longer able to send signals to the muscle fibers resulting in lack of movement, and eventually, paralysis of the total body. It is a terrible, degenerating disease that deserves all the attention it could possibly get. SO, we decided to do the ice bucket challenge after all, just using an alpine waterfall instead (because we were still concerned about the drought on the west coast resulting in wild fires). 

My Video!

My husband's proof that he actually did it (since I failed with taking the video):

It is also sad to see so much money go to the CEO's of such corporations, such as the ALS Foundation, instead of towards research. I am fully aware that there are other costs behind operating such a huge foundation, and not every penny can go to research. But, can't we all agree that these CEO's do not need such a big salary when we are struggling to keep research ongoing? As a researcher myself, I can tell you there is not enough money in the world being focused on all that needs to be investigated in the medical world (not to mention so many other specialties). It is nice to see figures like this, though, concerning the ALS Challenge (read article below):

Forbes Account of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

I would love to see more attention geared towards other horrible conditions, as well. Four very close to my heart are testicular cancer, multiple sclerosis, lupus, and syringomyelia. You can read about them in the following links:

Testicular Cancer

Multiple Sclerosis



Let's raise more awareness for these and other disorders, diseases, and illnesses! :)

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  1. As someone that works for a non-profit and sees on a daily basis the struggle of co-workers trying to get by on their meager salary I think it's necessary that non-profits start to pay their CEO's and employees competitive prices so they can get people who can help the non-profit grow and keep them (non-profit's generally have a very high turn over rate. Mine sure does). With that being said though, I do agree that the CEO of the ALS non-profit's salary is extreme! Cut it in half at least and send it to research. I could discuss this forever but I'll stop there. :)


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