Thursday, July 24, 2014

A Day Off Work! Supposedly....

Two strange things are happening around Utah. Well, at least strange to us since this is our first summer here. First of all, the entire state (at least it feels like it) has the day off work today. Since it's not a national holiday, my husband doesn't get it off, and there are some select people who still have to go to work. I'm not even supposed to have to be at work right now. It's because today is Utah's Pioneer Day! I'll explain more about what that is in a second. The other strange thing that is happening around here is that there are Fireworks Stands still up for Pioneer Day... everywhere! It's crazy to see them, and it still makes me feel like the 4th of July is coming up. If I was going to school this fall or just absolutely loved this hot weather, I'd be overjoyed. But, I'm a fall-loving girl, and since I'm not dreading the start of school anymore (or at least for right now), I'm anxious for September. Pumpkin pies, apple cider (not that I don't drink that all year long--it's my favorite), and warm, delicious, fall drinks at Starbucks. I can taste it now. :) Anyway...

Pioneer Day is a Utah holiday (and some surrounding state regions, I've heard) celebrated on July 24 to commemorate the arrival of Brigham Young and the Church of Latter Day Saint (Mormon) pioneers in the state of Utah from eastern US and Illinois, where they were forced out. It's a very big holiday around here, similar to July 4th. I had a very rough time getting to work this morning because the building where I work (on campus) is close to downtown, and almost all of the major streets were blocked off! It took me over an hour and a half to travel what normally takes 20 minutes. There are so many celebrations happening around the area, hence the blocked-off streets. There's a parade that goes around downtown; a 5K and Half-Marathon (maybe next year I'll participate!); food carts; reenactments; and so many other things! In the smaller suburb where we live, they have what they call "Handcart Days," which is a celebration of Pioneer Day the 23rd and 24th. They had their own parade last night and had a fireworks display at night! We could hear the fireworks but were ready for bed by the time the show was going on since the husband works so early every morning! We also had the pleasure of seeing tons of the floats that were in the parade on our walk last night. Everyone is so excited for the celebration, and it's really neat to see the community all geared up for another big event!

Unfortunately, the reason I wasn't able to be off today (even though the rest of the university is closed) is because this weekend is the start of a research study that we've been prepping for the last month! We have a corresponding author that is coming to town tomorrow, and we're hoping to get most of the data collected by late Monday. So, I came to work today and will come for a little bit this weekend. But, I truly love this job, and I can't complain when I wake up every morning actually wanting to go to work. Not that I don't love coming home every night more, though... :) That being said, it's time that I get some other things done because I've been neglecting the house this week, and it's driving me crazy to see everything out of place. Until next time! :)


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